Endnote X8

A Smarter Way to Research

Leave behind the tedious work of formatting

bibliographies, finding full text, and searching
for references.

EndNote X8. Research Smarter.

Leave behind the tedious work of bibliographies and reference
management and take your research to the next level.

Team access to one
reference library

Work from a single reference library with
up to 100 people, no matter where they
are located or what organization they are
affiliated with.

Sort through years of work in seconds

Search across reference metadata, full text
journal articles, file attachments, and your
personal annotations and notes, to locate
the research you need in just seconds.

Overcome research limitations

For one upfront price, store and share
as many references, documents and
files as you need–a necessity for
successful collaboration.

Cite it right the first time

Insert citations and references from your
EndNote library into your manuscript and
automatically build a bibliography in over
6,000 styles right from Microsoft® Word.

See what your team is doing

Instantly see the history of changes
made to your shared library with
a built-in activity log.

Take the guesswork out of journal submission

Using EndNote online, find the
journals where your research is most
likely to be accepted based on an
analysis of tens of millions of citation
connections in Web of Science™.

Let the full text find you

Initiate a search for full text PDFs across
your subscriptions and freely available
sources. When the article is found, it will
automatically be attached to your reference.